Precision Metal Stamping Materials

Short-run metal stamping prototype
Prototype example of four slide stamping services

Providing Deep Drawn Stampings, Brass Metal Stampings, Copper Stamping & Stainless Steel Stamping Services

Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc. is an industry leader in short-run metal stampings. The process of short-run metal stamping involves the precision manufacturing of small numbers of punched metal parts. Quantities vary, but are generally less than 5,000 parts, and may even be as low ten parts.

Short-run metal stampings involve a combination of machines that are able to produce stampings to meet stringent requirements. Prototype & Short-Run Services uses this method most often for experimental, prototypes, and pilot lot production, especially when design changes are likely. Short-run metal stampings have shorter lead times, so they are ideal for faster delivery of seasonal products. Short-run metal stampings are also practical for specialty products when it’s not feasible to invest a large amount of money into permanent tooling.

Types of Metals

Prototype & Short-Run Services works with the following types of metal:

Deep Drawn Metal Stampings

Deep drawn stamping is another metal stamping process that converts flat sheet metal into three-dimensional shapes. Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc. can convert stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, steel, nickel, and a variety of other metals into shapes such as cylinders, rectangles, and squares. A stamping press, consisting of a die and a punch, shapes the deep drawn parts. A part is considered “deep drawn” whenever the length or depth of the shape exceeds one-half of the part's diameter. Prototype & Short-Run Services can create parts in different sizes and shapes, based on your designs.

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