Engineering for Precision Metal Stampings

 Precision Metal Stamping Prototype

Prototype Engineering and Precision Metal Stamping Services

Prototype engineering is a key component to the success of Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc. Our experts engineer the most accurate tools and processes to create the most precise products. Each precision metal stamping or prototype is given the same high level of attention and inspection. Part after part, we employ precise gauging for exact repeatability and tolerances that challenge the best toolmakers.

Prototype & Short-Run Services uses computer-controlled forming of delicate parts in our prototype engineering process, as thin as 0.0008". A CNC-controlled hydraulic punch press ensures ultra-precision punching, coining, extruding, and lancing. Prototype inspection personnel utilize state-of-the-art video comparators for close-tolerance inspection.

Our precision metal stamping and prototype engineering services include our CAD software expertise. We use DesignCAD, AutoCAD, and SolidWorks to design precise models for any use. These computer files can be emailed for easy, efficient review of tooling and production through Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc.