Design Assistance for Prototyping, Metal Stamping

Prototype Design

Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc. offers expert design assistance for all your custom metal stamping and rapid prototyping of metal component needs. Turn to our professionals for suggestions when it comes to ease of manufacturing, materials, and functionality.

Prototyping offers a wide range of benefits that will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Prototyping:

  • Speeds the process – get your product to market faster
  • Helps reduce mistakes that can cost you money
  • Eliminates unnecessary features early in the process
  • Reveals weaknesses early on
  • Allows you to create parts with complex geometries
  • Decreases the need for engineering changes down the road
  • Extends the life of the final product

Proof-Of-Concept Prototypes

A proof-of-concept prototype opens the gates to new possibilities. Creating a proof-of-concept prototype shows that your promising idea is something possible to make. It does not have to be fully completed either. A proof-of-concept prototype takes your idea from beyond the realm of expectations into the world of possibilities and reality itself. Let Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc. turn your proof-of-concept into an advanced prototype today.

Presentation Prototype

A presentation prototype combines the functionality of the product with the overall appearance. Often using custom-made parts, it is likely that production grade materials will be used. The advanced Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc. engineers will work with you to fully develop your presentation prototype.

Metal Prototyping Design

At Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc. we work with your company’s research and development department, engineering departments, and purchasing department to ensure that all departments have their share of input. Design assistance from Prototype & Short-Run Services will assist you in the design, development, and manufacturing of custom metal stampings, as well as any prototype stampings you may require.

From the spark of an idea, creation of a prototype, to the manufacture of an innovative part; Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc. will help your company succeed, with industry-leading design assistance and customer service

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