Military Grade Precision Parts

Custom Metal Parts for the Military made by Prototype Short-Run Services in Orange, CA

Finding the right defense manufacturing company to help you design and manufacture quality precision metal stampings for use in military applications can be a challenge. Stampings created through military prototype manufacturing need to be custom designed and built, but they also must be produced according to strict defense manufacturing quality standards, which creates highly reliable parts.

Fully Customized Military Prototype Manufacturing

Our military manufacturing precision metal stampings are custom tailored to your exact design specifications. Our engineering team can create highly complex parts for military applications with quick turnaround times. If you have a design that needs to be rendered into a highly durable part that is built to last, we are fully capable of providing you with the assistance you need.

Our military components perfectly match our customers’ specifications, with tight tolerances and perfect repeatability, no matter how complex the designs. Extensive quality control inspections ensure that every part precisely matches your designs to deliver optimum performance.

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Materials Utilized for Military Prototype Manufacturing

We can produce precision metal stampings and prototypes from a wide variety of metals, alloys, and specialty materials. We commonly work with materials from 0.0008” to 0.200” in thickness. We also offer a variety of secondary services to give additional value to our parts and components and to save you time and money in your production process. Some of the metals that we regularly utilize, include: 

Whether you need a single, simple prototype part, or tens of thousands of complex metal stampings, we can deliver the defense manufacturing product development that your project requires.

Defense Manufacturing Laser Part Marking Services>

As an additional service we provide laser part marking services for your military manufacturing needs. Our laser marking services allow for multiple types of labeling to be permanently embedded on your military parts. Some of the laser part markings that can be imposed on your military applications, include:

  • Barcodes
  • Datamatrix
  • Labels
  • Logos
  • Text
  • Serial numbers
  • Regulatory marking 

In addition, our Schmidt 5-axis vertical machining tool is especially helpful because it allows for a greater complexity of military parts that we can manufacture.

American Made Military Prototypes & Components

All our military manufacturing is fully completed within the United States of America. We are an American company and are proud to support our troops and the military. We are proud to serve a global marketplace, and clients in the United States, Canada, Mexico and numerous other parts of the world. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of “Made in America” precision metal stampings, please contact us today.

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Military prototype manufacturing demands parts with tight tolerances and perfect precision. No matter how complex, Prototype & Short-Run Services’ military grade parts meet or exceed the expectations of our customers every time.

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