Electronics Engineering Prototype in Orange, CaliforniaPrototype & Short-Run Services, Inc., provides precision metal stamping and prototyping services for parts and components for the electronics industry. We produce parts that perfectly match customer designs, utilizing advanced equipment and a skilled, experienced production team.

The electronics industry is constantly evolving, and our manufacturing processes have evolved right along with it, enabling us to deliver custom precision parts that meet the tight tolerances and dimensional requirements of today’s high-tech electronic devices. Prototype & Short-Run Services takes pride in meeting or exceeding customer expectations with each and every part we produce.

We work with an array of metals and alloys to meet our customers’ exact specifications, including copper and beryllium copper, titanium, bronze and phosphor bronze, brass, aluminum, and others. We can produce parts from materials from 0.008” to 0.200” thick. And, we offer a variety secondary services to add value to our parts and to save you time and money in the production process.

For simple designs or the most complex, for single prototypes or full production runs, look no further than Prototype & Short-Run Services.

Request a quote for precision stamped metal parts or prototypes for your electronics application, or contact us for more information.