Aerospace Metal Stampings

Example of a Precision Stamping at Prototype Short-Run Services in Orange, California

The aerospace industry’s standards for safety are extremely high, even the smallest aerospace precision metal parts must hold tight tolerances and meet strict quality standards. This industry demands parts that maintain tight tolerances and perfect precision. No matter how complex the designs, our custom stamped metal parts meet or exceed the expectations of our customers within the aviation and aerospace industries every time. 

Aerospace Metal Stamping Materials

We can produce precision metal stampings and prototypes from several metals, alloys, and specialty materials. We commonly work with materials from 0.0008” to 0.200” in thickness. We also offer a variety of secondary services to give additional value to our parts and components and to save you time and money in your production process. Some of the metals that we regularly utilize, include:

Whether you need a single, simple prototype part, or tens of thousands of complex metal stampings, we can deliver the aerospace stamping that your project requires.

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Aerospace Stamping Industries

Aerospace precision metal parts need to be durable and able to withstand a lot of pressure and fluctuating temperatures. Additionally, aerospace stampings must be lightweight and versatile to keep fuel costs and aircraft weight down. Given the rapidly growing aerospace needs, our precision metal stamping services have the capability to work with a variety of aerospace industries including:

  • Commercial
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Business
  • Shipping 

Aircraft Component Stamping Quality Control

Our complex metal stampings process is highly detailed and precise. We take great care when fabricating our aerospace metal stampings. That’s why we have implemented the following quality control standards:

  • Top quality components - When choosing a custom stamping and metal fabrication partner, quality is always a top consideration. We are an ISO 9001 certified metal fabricator, and we use uncompromising quality practices in the manufacturing of all our components. We are also DFARS and ROHS compliant.
  • Flexible solutions to accommodate your unique needs - Our short run processes gives us the capability to produce parts in quantities from 250 to 250,000 and with the latest equipment in our fabrication shops, we can produce components in all sizes, shapes, and forms.
  • Cost-saving solutions - Saving you money by providing innovative, cost-effective solutions is our specialty. We save our customers up to 80% off conventional tooling cost.

We Have Teamed With NASA

In the early 2000s, we were privileged to team with NASA. Our expert metal fabrication engineers used their technical innovation and extreme precision fabrication capabilities to provide parts and components for NASA’s Opportunity Mars rover.

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The aerospace industry demands parts with tight tolerances and perfect precision. No matter how complex, Prototype & Short-Run Services’ aerospace precision metal parts meet or exceed the expectations of our customers every time.

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Prototypes for Mars Rover