Galvanized Steel Stamping Capabilities

Galvanized Steel Precision Stamping Prototype & Short-Run Services is your leading resource for deep drawn galvanized steel stampings. Specializing in both production and prototype manufacturing, we deliver high precision steel parts and components that match your exact specifications. Our deep drawn stamping capabilities enable us to produce perfectly repeatable parts, no matter how simple or complex, in quantities that meet your needs.

We are a full-service metal stamping job shop that can take your galvanized steel stamping project from the concept stages through full production. Our in-house experts can provide design and engineering assistance, as needed, to help make your designs easier and less expensive to manufacture without sacrificing functionality. Wide ranges of finishing services are available, including deburring and heat treating. Prototype & Short-Run Services will turn your part designs into tangible products in quick turnaround times that meet your schedule and at prices that fit your budget.


Deep Drawn Galvanized Steel

Utilizing mechanical presses and specially-designed progressive dies, our galvanized steel stamping process transforms sheet metal into finished parts one step at a time. The steel sheet is “blanked”—cut into round or shaped flat pieces—and these blanks are fed into the stamping machine. A hydraulically-powered punch presses the steel into the dies in sequence, which gradually forms the material into the final part shape. Deep drawing produces seamless, one-piece parts.

After the drawing process is completed, any holes that your design requires are punched into the parts, and any excess material is trimmed away.

Deep drawing is a “cold working” process, which automatically work-hardens the material. As the galvanized steel is stretched and formed into its final shape, the metal’s grain structure is altered. This results in steel stampings with greater physical strength than the original base material.

With our experience and expertise, Prototype & Short-Run Services can manufacture any deep drawn galvanized steel part with unparalleled precision, from simple steel cylinders to highly complex specialty parts. Generally, the more intricate a part, the more steps/dies are required in the drawing process; we are capable of producing even the most complex components with the same speed and accuracy as simple designs.


Characteristics of Galvanized Steel

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon that delivers high strength at low cost. Throughout the world, it is one of the most popular and commonly used construction materials; globally, over 1.3 billion tons of steel are produced annually. Steel provides greatly improved hardness and tensile strength over unalloyed iron. Other elements may be included in the steel alloy to improve other characteristics, such as hardenability or corrosion resistance.

Galvanized steel has been coated with a protective layer of zinc oxide to protect against corrosion. Galvanization protects steel by preventing corrosive substances from reaching the metal itself. A galvanized coating will also act as a “sacrificial layer”—if corrosion does take hold of the material, the zinc will corrode before the steel underneath is affected.

Galvanized steel also provides a distinctive, satin-like appearance that is popular for many applications.


Benefits of Working with Galvanized Steel

Deep drawn galvanized steel parts are used in countless applications. The material’s high strength, low cost, availability, and corrosion resistance characteristics make it popular for everything from building construction to sporting equipment. Galvanized steel is a highly durable, low maintenance material that is ideal for the deep drawing process.

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