Cold Rolled Steel Stamping Capabilities

Short Run Stamping for Cold Rolled Steel

With over twenty years of experience, Prototype & Short-Run Services is an industry leader in precision cold rolled steel stampings. We deliver high quality, high precision stamped parts that match our customers’ unique requirements. Specializing in both production and prototype manufacturing, we provide complete-to-print parts in quantities from one to the tens of thousands.

Because we are a full-service metal stamping job shop, we can handle your cold rolled steel stamping project from start to finish. Design and engineering assistance are available, as needed, to make manufacturing your parts as efficient and cost-effective as possible. We also offer metal finishing services, including heat treating, deburring, and more.

Deep Drawn Cold Rolled Steel

Manufacturing deep drawn parts is a multi-step process. First, sheet steel is “blanked,” or cut into round or shaped flats. These flats are then fed into one of our mechanical stamping presses, where hydraulically-powered punches press the material into a series of progressive dies specially made to produce your unique part. As the flats move through the die sequence, they are gradually formed into the final part shape. Our deep drawn stamping processes result in seamless, one-piece parts.

Any holes your design may require are punched into the parts after drawing, and any excess material is trimmed away.

Because it is a “cold working” process, deep drawing automatically work-hardens the material. As the steel blanks are formed and stretched into their final shape, the grain structure of the metal is altered. Cold rolled steel has already been strengthened by the cold rolling process, but the end result of deep drawing this material is steel parts with even greater physical strength.

With our stamping expertise, we can produce deep drawn cold rolled steel parts with exceptional precision and perfect repeatability, no matter how simple or intricate the designs. More complex designs generally require more steps/dies in the drawing process—at Prototype & Short-Run Services, we can produce intricate parts and components with the same speed and accuracy as more basic designs.

Characteristics of Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel is a type of steel that has been rolled or pressed into a thin-gauge sheet. The cold rolling process increases the strength of the material through strain hardening. Cold rolling can boost the strength of steel by as much as 20 percent or more, depending on the specifics of the process and the quality of the material.

Cold rolled steel exhibits many of the characteristics of untreated steel; It is lighter than standard steel but offers the same strength and stiffness. Cold rolled steel can be tempered during manufacturing to meet one of five standard hardness ratings, from Hard to Dead Soft; custom tempers can also be created. This material is less ductile than hot rolled steel, but its ductility can be partially restored through annealing or other heat treating processes.

In general, cold rolled steel is a soft gray color and has a smooth finish. A variety of surface treatments can be applied, including painting, plating, and specialty coatings.

Benefits of Working with Cold Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel is used in a wide range of applications. It provides a favorable strength-to-weight ratio and excellent durability, making it ideal for parts and components used in building construction, automobile manufacturing, appliances, and more. It is easily workable via deep drawn stamping, making it easy to produce complex shapes with high precision.

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