Meet Our Staff

Prototype Short-Run Services General Manager Jack McDevitt

Jack McDevitt,
General Manager 
Direct Line: 714-449-9661 x101
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While working for a stamping company Jack saw that the need for prototyping was becoming more of an issue every day.  No one was satisfied.  Customers never got parts to print and in-house people hated doing custom parts.  A magazine article in 1989 describing the capabilities of the Baltec CNC-Controlled hydraulic punch press became the foundation of what is today – Prototype and Short-Run Services, Inc.

The Baltec allowed disc drive, medical, electronic, aerospace, and even other large stamping companies to get small quantities of ultra-precision parts for testing before committing to large, expensive tooling. Since then, customers have driven the company into many new areas including larger production runs of specialty parts and lately precision Wire EDM parts from eight brand new Mitsubishis.

Prototype Short-Run Services Employee Mike Picciotta

Mike Picciotta
Quality Manager
Direct Line: 714-449-9661 x110
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An Engineering professional with over 20 years’ experience with a focus on product quality. Although new to Prototype, June of 2016, I have been working with them for many years as a  customer. I enjoy mountain biking, off-roading, and camping.   

Randall King: Tool and Die Maker

Randall King
Tool & Die Maker
Direct Line: 714-449-9661 
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Randall King knows his trade, boasting 40 years of Tool & Die experience. This native Californian has 4 years of education at the University of California. Randall is the proud father of twin daughters and enjoys spending quality time with his 2 grandchildren.  He proudly holds a 4th Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu San Soo. 

Shawn Scharein: Tool and Die Maker

Shawn Scharein
Tool & Die Maker
Direct Line: 714-449-9661 
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Shawn has a solid 13 Years of Tool & Die Experience, and 20 years in the Metal Stamping Industry.  He is a California native with 4 children who enjoys spending his free time at the beach, and other activities in the California sunshine.

Moises Navarro 
Tool & Die Maker
Direct Line: 714-449-9661 
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For more than 25 years, Moises has been an expert Tool & Die Maker.  His vast resume includes 4 years with the National Tooling & Machine Association, and 3 plus years of Computer Aided Drafting and Design at El Camino Community College.  In 1995, Moises proudly earned his Tool Processes Certification.  He also has been a competitive handball player for more than 36 years!

Antonio Lopez 
Quality Inspector

Direct Line: 714-449-9661 x114 

Antonio has an Associates Degree in Electronics and IT Technology. He also has over 20 years of experience in Quality Control Industry. Antonio is here to help with all Quality Inspection needs.

Prototype Short-Run Services Sales Cary Atkins

Cary Atkins
Production Control
Direct Line: 714-449-9661 x104
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Orange County, CA native.  Proud Father of two twenty-something daughters. Enjoys surfing, snowboarding, and the latest movies.

Prototype Short-Run Services Sales Katherine Kross

Katherine Kross
Executive Assistant
Direct Line: 714-449-9661 x117
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Extensive office and administrative experience working with accounting and manufacturing companies. Mother of identical twin girls. Creative by nature, custom designs clothing and makes leather accessories.

Prototype Short-Run Services Outside Sales Sheryl Birone

Sheryl Birone
Field Sales & Marketing
Direct Line: 714-732-1917
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Sheryl has over 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing and has been the Sales and Marketing point person at Prototype & Short-Run Services and American Wire EDM for over 7 years. She's proudly from Ohio, mother to an incredible 8-year-old daughter and played collegiate tennis.

Prototype Short-Run Services Office Manager Lulu Montoya

Lulu Montoya
Office Manager
Direct Line: 714-449-9661 x102
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Lulu has been with Prototype for 14 years now and has over 30 years in the accounting industry. She has 6 grown children and 14 grandchildren that keep her very busy when not in the office.

Prototype Short-Run Services Adam Ulrich

Adam Ulrich
Production Control
Direct Line: 714-449-9661 x103
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Adam is a graduate from Cal State Fullerton with a BS in Operation Management and a minor in Economics. Son of Marine parents that served for over 20 years each. He has benefited from his parents' occupation by traveling the world. He has an amazing daughter. He has worked in manufacturing for over 5 years with experience in production management, logistics, supply chain management, analytics, and strategic planning. He plays soccer for a men’s league during his free time.

Prototype Short-Run Services' Bill McMahan

Bill McMahan
Quality Control
Direct Line: 714-449-9661 x114

Bill McMahan is a member of Prototype's Quality Control Department. He's a graduate of QPE Technical Institute and has 13 years of QC experience in the automotive industry. Bill is a California Native, Eagle Scout, and father of two.

Prototype Short-Run Services' Jeff Ferone

Jeff Ferone
Shipping and Receiving Lead
Direct Line: 714-449-9661 x108

Jeff has 20 years experience in the shipping and receiving industry and is a certified forklift trainer. He's from Chicago and is a fan of his hometown Chicago Bears.

Prototype Short-Run Services' Joe Passafinne

Joe Passafinne
Shipping and Receiving

Joe has over 30 years in the Warehouse Industry and is a Marine Corp Veteran. Thank you for your service, Joe! A Member of the Carpenter Union, Joe is from Albany, NY and a father of two. He spends his free time playing drums in a band.

Prototype Short-Run ServicesScott Quick

Scott Quick
Tool and Die Maker
Direct Line: 714-449-9661 x113

Scott studied mechanical drafting and Auto Cad at Mt San Jacinto junior college and completed a 4-year die maker apprenticeship. He has over 30 years of experience as a Tool and Die Maker.  Married for over 30 years and blessed with wonderful twin boys. Scott enjoys riding motorcycles, water skiing on the Colorado River and coaching club and recreational baseball. He’s a lifelong Dodger fan and also follows pro motocross, supercross, and moto gp. 

Prototype Short-Run Services' Sully Mancilla

Sully Mancilla
Direct Line 714-449-9661 x121
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Sully Mancilla is a member of the Customer Service Department with a focus on Expediting for Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc. Sully is a Southern CA native with extensive office administration and supply chain experience with contracting and manufacturing companies. She's a mother of 3 beautiful children and enjoys playing softball and spending days at the beach. Sully is here to handle all of your Customer Service and Expediting needs.

Randall King: Marcy Perez

Marcy Perez
Direct Line: 714-524-3360
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We're pleased to introduce our new team member, Marcy Perez - Receptionist for Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc. and American Wire EDM. Marcy joins our talented team with 15 years in NDT Aerospace Customer Services under her belt. She's also a California Native and a Soccer Mom to her two wonderful children.