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Precision Short-Run Metal Stamping and Prototyping Manufacturing

Since 1990, Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc. has been the premier high-tech source for all prototyping and precision metal stamping needs. Our expertise has served businesses across the industrial landscape, from aerospace to medical equipment, precision instruments, connectors, and, of course, metal stamping companies. Our large Southern California facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machines operated by technicians who are unsurpassed in skill and experience. 

An Unbeatable Resource Under 1 Roof

Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc & American Wire EDM has almost 21,000 square feet of floor space under one roof in our Southern California facility. In addition, their facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machines operated by technicians who are unsurpassed in skill and experience.

American Wire EDM, Inc., is a leading prototyping and precision metal stamping company with over 30 years’ experience, they’re an unbeatable resource for all your precision short-run metal stamping, laser marking, wire EDM and prototype service needs.

We can create any sheet metal prototype, including research and development parts, qualification test parts, pre-production parts, customer samples, trade show samples, and one-of-a-kind parts.

Wire EDM Services


Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc., has broad capabilities for custom metal stamping and prototyping. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff enable us to create prototype stampings in a range of varied materials and thicknesses. We also offer several additional processes to complement our metal stamping and prototyping services. Turn to us for expert engineering and design assistance. In addition, we also offer thorough quality control inspection services. Our advanced precision capabilities include:

Industries Served

Precision Metal Stampings

As a leader in short-run metaling stampings, we provide exceptional quality deep drawn stampings, brass metal stampings, copper stamping & stainless steel stamping services. Generally we produce less than 5,000 parts, and as low as ten parts.

Prototype & Short-Run Services works with a wide variety of metal types, some of which include: 



We provide a wide array of services to meet our customer’s unique specifications. Our team has the capabilities and expertise to take your design from conception through welding, threading, deburring, painting, passivation, plating, hardware installation and beyond.

Prototype & Short-Run Services, Inc., provides a wide array of prototyping services. Our services are essential to the precision prototyping of metal parts, springs, clips, and countless other types of parts with uses in all industries. Our services include:



For custom metal stamping, prototyping services, and more, customers from all industries turn to Prototype & Short-Run Services. We deliver high quality, high-performance, precision oriented components that match your exact requirements. We have the skills, the experience, and the technology necessary to manufacture precision parts that meet the tight tolerances and dimensional requirements of some of the world’s most demanding industries, including: